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Sunday, January 28, 2018



First and for most I would like express and sincere appreciation to the almight God who gives us power and health so as to proceed with our daily activities and usually as possible.
The report writer would like to express my gratitude to my beloved compassion international and my beloved family especially MR and MRS Benjamini Tryphone enable to pay college tees for the whole period of my studies God bless them.
Also my sincere thanks go to the management of manyoni District Council for instance the director of human resource officer and records manager who granted a permission to undertake data from different departments and other officer.
Other gratitude goes to TPSC Singida Campus to introduce this cource in order to enable students to raise their knowledge, skill and experience before graduate their diploma of records and archives management.
The report writer shall never forget the role played by my dear friend student’s namely Janeth George, Diana ndimbo mary paschal, saumu Saidi and Jasinta Tibakanya who encouraged and emphased me on how to prepare the strong point in writing field report.
Finally the report writer would like to express my since appreciation to my field supervisor Mr. Msakila G. H who helps the report writer to write this report throughout providing academic contribution so as to accomplish this report also I would like to thanks as well as everyone who in one way or another contributed to marking this dissertation reality.


The field attachment was conducted at Manyoni District in registry office during December 2016 to January 2017 and objectives of the field attachment was to enable the students more or learning practically For example receiving mail, dispatch but also to interact with other stakeholders, to know office environment, office procedure and to create network of other stakeholders.
The following duties where performed by the report writer to distribute person mail, to distribute outgoing mail, to open new files, to handle mail that opened by mistake, to produce copy, to scanning the document and making lamination.
Benefit derived from field attachment were practically how to handle customer and send file immediately as required by users.
Challenge during the field attachment period were misplacement of files, in adequate space for strong records, low budget department has no any kind of transport as well as storage of staff members or works.
The field attachment contains detailed day to day activities there following strength observed good cooperation among the members, many staff members was self disciplined time management was good observed.
Weakness of the field attachment program were limited of time offered to the student to conduct field attachment program is not enough, TPSC management failure to search areas in which in student many goes to conduct their field attachment, the TPSC facilitator failure to go into the area where student conduct their field attachment.
Report writer like to recommend that manyoni District in record office in an organization make sure that Barden the management should not be left to organization the customer should also keep their record as to ensure service delivery and proper record management. Also TPSC should provide training to their students or College about ethics of Public workers before apply field attachment.



Figure 1: Organization structure of Manyoni district Council …………………………………pg4


Table1.1 Total number of staffs members in Manyoni District Council at registry department based on their gender…………………………………………………………………….……..pg3


DED                -           DISTRICT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
DMO               -           DISTRICT MEDICAL OFFICER
DWE               -           DISTRICT WATER ENGINEER
DEO                -           DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICER
DRM               -           DIPLOMA IN RECORDS MANAGEMENT
RAM               -           RECORDS AND ARCHIVES MANGEMENT


This chapter in tells the following introduction background of field attachment program, background of manyoni district Council, Vission and Mission of Manyoni district Council, objective of the organization, Major activities of department and structure of the organization.


Field attachment is the practical training in which a student’s required to undergo so as to apply the theories that he or  she has learned in class. the following are the general objective of the field attachment.
To enable student to be familiar with working environment about on how they can monitoring and controlling working environment about on how they can monitoring and controlling working environment.
To enable students to learn more about work place and different policies and regulations.
Opportunity to enter with potential employees of work ethics employment demands, responsibility and opportunity
To create network interaction of other stakeholders
The following are the specific objectives of the field attachment.
To handle mails opened by mistake
To learn how to sorting all incoming correspondence
To learn how to deal with outgoing correspondence register.
To learn how to open and close file.
To learn how to distribute files to the user
To learn how to receive mail
To learn to searching misfiling


Manyoni village is among the four villages found in mayoni district in singida region. it was established in 1975 and registered in 1993 under TANU by No.SI/KI/No. 364.manyoni village is located at the southern side of manyoni district, bordered to the north by the Ikungi district to the east by the Dodoma region, to the south by the iringa region to the south west by the Mbeya region and to the west by the Tabora Region.
Manyoni village Condition is as follow: rainfall between 20C and dry season starts at may to November. Rainfall states at December to April. Its temperature is 290C to 320C highest during may  and decrease in December. manyoni village economic based on agriculture, business and livestock.
According to the 2002 Tanzania National census the population of the manyoni district was 205, 423 and according to the2012 Tanzania National census the population of Manyoni district was 296, 763. The district commissioner of the manyoni District is GEOFREY MWAMBE.
To be the only district Council in the region which cases and involves people in service provision with a democratic manner?
To bring continuous development by providing qualitative services to the society including social and economic services by regarding good administration in fighting poverty.


The major activities of department are Receive records and distribute incoming and internally created mails of all kind (e.g. letter, memoranda, Faxes) to attach relevant reference paper and to pass the correspondence to officers.
Open, Index, Buildup and control the files upon which users depend for information about the conduct of government business.
Know the location of all officially registered files in their case and be able to produce them quality by means of effective indexing classification and tracing procedures.
Provide storage repository and reference services for all officially registered files and other documentation in their serve
Review and dispose of all out dated files or other records in accordance with retention periods as agreed between records and archives management division (RAMD) the Ministry or department concerned and other relevant officials (registry procedure manual 2007)
Table 1.1 Shows table indicates the total number of staff members in Primary education departments based on their Gender.
Source: Field study 2017




The following key element to be covered at this chapter.
Experiences duties and responsibility assigned during the field attachment, major benefit derived during my field attachment, level accomplishment of the duties and responsibility relationship with other staff, things enjoyed most and why , things enjoyed least and why, problem experience and how to handle.


Sorting all incoming correspondence: After correspondence received in the office the first step is initial sorting all correspondence in order to know official mails and person mails and the second step is to handle official mail for the purpose to know official mails with valuable and official mails without valuable items also to know is through post office or
To open the new file: the report writer was open new files to an organization during field attachment by considering the following factors to consider before closing a files when file is more than 3cm thick the file has stayed in the storage facilities without new entry of document for the last five year or the subject matter has finished also a new file are opened when there is no any appropriate file to the document received in the registry or when the old file was missing and the temporally file are opened when there is no any appropriate file to the document received in the registry or when the old file was missing and the temporally file are opened there for this is the major activities of the department attached.
Prepare outgoing mails: these are the mails that send to the customer are replies or request so the office is send these mails through post or other methods used for transferring outgoing mail to the customer therefore the report writer was conduct effectively for preparing outgoing and was responsible for preparing outgoing mails.
Closing the file: is the process whereby a records manager can conduct during file have the factors of or closing a file there for the report writer was close file by follow the following procedure draw two diagonal line across the front lover of the file between the draws line write the word CLOSED and date between two diagonal line across cancel the last or and date between two diagonal line cancel the last or most current minute sheet on the left hand side of the file in same fashion and report writer was use minute sheet for records all incoming and outgoing mail also short instruction of document in the file, another procedure of file closure mark on the transit sheet to show that the file is closed and the date was closed and details of its transfer to record centre.
To handle mail opened by mistake. The report writer also was responsible for handling all mails that opened by mistake for attaching complimentary slip then to write the word opened by mistake on top of the envelope.
Distribute file to the user. Is the process of distribute file to the user so this among duty that perfumed during my field attachment to distribute file immediately when use them and return to specific place after use.
Receiving incoming letter. The report writer also was responsible for date stamp all incoming mail to the incoming correspondence register.
Searching files. The report writer was responsible for searching misplace which files must be placed so the report writer conduct or responsible in searching file by using morning list and files census.
Daily filling; filling is process of arrangement, indexing, and keeping so that they can easily be located when required therefore the report writer was responsible to filling document in order to ensure are easily when retrieving.
Arranging file by using vertical filling method. Is the methods file are held upright with the spires facing out wards it is usually. Done in shelves therefore the report writer can helps to provide easy access but files was taken without permission so it is difficult to store confidential records.


Report writer understand how to create a new file. During field attachment report know  the reason course to create new file like when the file is missing or when the document received and there is no any appropriate file also the report writer understand how to create temporarily file when file is missing and there is unimportant issues and to searching file when is missing to the records office.
Report author knows how to distribute person mails. The report writer know how to distribute person mail through all three way include to distribute by hands ,to place in pigeon hole and to use redirecting method when address was out of the office either for transferring or training.
Report writer learnt how to care customer. During the field attachment the customers were asked some of different department and sub-organization example the report writer was directing customer to district education officer or to district executive director also to know there letter. Also the report writer answer, due to the questions what asked by using policies language, Cooperation, also by good communication.
Report writer understand how to handle official mail during my field attachment report writer learn on how to handle official mails with valuable and official mail without valuable though the procedures that followed when to handle.
Report writer understand how to use registry control books and forms. For example incoming correspondence register which was used for recording all incoming letter of an organization as well as file diary, the report writer was understand what is file diary also the merits of using file diary firstly a file diary is a book or a register of file tittle by date of opening but it help to know date of opening file also to know previous number.


They were using vertical filing for sorting files which may lead to stop down and was not suitable for sorting of confidential document may contribution was to improve their filing system and good system to use lateral methods which provided easily access of the records when needed. To follow all registry procedure because the organization encourage to follow all routine that used for filing records. Handling incoming and outgoing and classified records in different categories like top secret, secret and confidential and open records in success on controlling movement all files in the organization by using transit ladder and minute sheet from one section to another such as administration office to finance department. Report writer advice the office to continue to use control file movement because it simplify work and it avoid misplacement of files.
Also they were inadequate storage facilities the report writer was continue to advice to increase the storage facilities which may lead to ensure good service to the customer and to reduce customer complaints also the report writer advice when there is enough storage facilities to the registry office it was easily retrieving of file because of good arrangement of file therefore the report writer was advice to increase storage facilities in order to provide good service to an organization as well as good performance of an organization.
They were inadequate of space for kept documents or records the report writer continue to advice the organization to provide enough space for storing  document in order to conduct well activities for efficiency and effectiveness.
Therefore in an organization there was shortage of skilled personel. The report writer continue to advice employee to increase knowledge and skills for managing records for example in organization there was employee with certificate of records but the report writer can advice to increase the knowledge for getting diploma for example in Tanzania public service college can provide training in order to ensure record can preserved and protected in good condition.


The relationship with others was good because there ware was good understanding between staff and other students who was in field attachment program .so due to this good understanding between us to lead to good relationship among the staff in the organization .the staff members of administration registry they made cooperation to the daily activities like to open new files to handle letters opened by mistake date stamp mail .so due to these there was good relationships with other staff and was treat as the staff members of employee


Things enjoyed most report writer get experience and confidence when performed activities like to open mails to handle customer because the report writer understand how to handle customers and answer the customer when they have the question in the office
Clean environment also report writer enjoyed most during field attachment because the environment surrounding was good and clean and that brought and fresh air in all area at work place
Report writer enjoyed because  help with some maenad for field attachment such  as vision ,mission and organization structure  which help during preparation of this report also to creed a network between staff members and the report writer        
Last report enjoyed most according to finish field attachment without any misunderstanding with other staff and without misplacement of files, misfiling so due to those report writer enjoyed most
Report writer enjoyed report writer in good cooperation between report writer when was helping for getting training practically for example  to open new files ,receiving mails and rerecording into incoming correspondence register to report writer was enjoyed


Things which the report writer enjoyed least when supervisor want enough copy from original document and given report writer original document in order to procedure  copy and report writer do not know how to operate photocopying machine
To saw members of registry to out in the office due to this report writer enjoyed least because food it attract insect to enter in the office and can causes the establishment of habitants that lead determination of document by biological agents.
Shortage of storage equipment, also the report writer enjoyed least due to store records in poor of equipment and storage facilities used to store records that lead the department to store documents on flow hence cause damage and deterioration of records.
Shortage of space, also the report writer enjoyed least to do block log of files because the lack of space and to cause birth of biological agent like termis as well as rodents and to cause deterioration of document.
Shortage of skilled personnel, also the report writer enjoyed least because a registry staffs members have no skills to managing records and not follow procedure in the registry for example procedures of filling as well as procedure in registry which must was used and results the registry results staffs must use always in normal and must not follow the procedure in order to preserved and protects documents.
Poor policies and regulation in the records office the report writer enjoyed least about because other staff was use to the cooking tea and other foods and there is no any principle which guide either to get permission in order to use registry is the department which used to store any kind of information which for lastly time it help to evidence therefore this situation can cause to deterioration of document because there is high temperature.


During the field attachment there were so many problems of the office including:
Shortage of facilities ; was the problem facing in the registry office the facilities was poor that lead to putting some of the documents on the flow the office there are three storage facilities include on cupboards and two cabinet report writer handled this problem by keeping some document in the boxes.
Misplacement: is the process of putting files at wrong space in this department was the common problem which cause by laziness of workers that lead customer complains when their files was missing, the report writer handle this problem by follows the procedure when arranging files or return file in its appropriate storage space.
Poor control file movement, is the problem facing the department the files movement control was poor because the staff members it allow user to pass files to another users without the inform the registry staff and the staff it send file to the user without to record it, report writer handle this problem for ensuring to the records all files when needed to sent to the users and to use movement card to the users who need to send file to other users.
Congestion of files, this is the accumulation of files in the office in this department there are congestion of files that caused by storage of facilities and bad arrangement of files so the report writer handle this problem by arranging each document in this appropriate space and to ensure there are active records only in the office;
Understaffing, means in adequate number of workers responsible to perform day to day activities of the organization within the records office this problem occurred in many organization the number of workers is unlimited compassed with activities available report writer handle by performing activities in specific time for the purpose to avoid accumulation of works.



This chapter includes the following conclusion, Recommendation and references.


From field report it can conclude that there are some of the strength and weaknesses experienced from field attachment program. The importance of the program such as gained acknowledgement and skills handling ratline office, term working, sharing idea duties office procedure and customer care, operating of office machine and registry control.
On the after hand the field report conclude some weaknesses which some extent hinders for keeping closed file lack of knowledge and skills staffs difficult to transport and poor support from the government so we that the organization have challenges in order to improve or to solve this problem which faced it. Also in Tanzania Public Service College we see the time offered by TPSC was not enough also the college did not send some supervisor from collage so as to facilitate students in their area of field attachment.


Experiences drawn from field are the following;
Recommendation made for the purpose of improving records management program these are;
The burden of records management should not be left to the organization the customer should also keep their records as to ensure service delivery and proper records management then records office make sure that arrange the files in chronological order to remove the misfiles and to archive the objectives on time;
Also the period of almost one monthly is not enough for students to acquire necessary skills about field attachment therefore TPSC management must ensure that they are provide a good time for students when getting field in practically in order student to get knowledge and how can manage work within an office.
Also TPSC management must plan to increase the time of attempted field attachment program because one month was not enough to learn those things which learn through theory then, TPSC should be provide training for students before going to do field practice in order to have enough knowledge. For example when they come up should come with background of an organization.
Another is for administration of TPSC try to send the supervisor to the organization which students goes to conducted field in order to access them and to get reality information to ensure that whom one conduct a field in order all students must getting knowledge and when are employee must conduct a work without any complaints to a customer because having the skills and knowledge about managing records or information.
Also the area which report writer conducting field program must ensure that they providing enough space for storing active records because without records in an organization all service to an organization and not see that registry is like a dumping space which store every things of an organization but organization see that registry is like office an human resource or boss
Lastly for the area which report writer conducting field must ensure having appropriate storage facilities for storing records like cabinet or shelves and not stored records in a basements area because it can cause a documents to deteriorate and not survival in time required.
Finally in Manyoni District Council for the registry employee must getting a short training for example seminar on how can manage well challenges like this time there are new system for storing records for example keywords system and it have higher security y or protection in a documents so before employee getting knowledge or skills in a long time there is no this kinds of system because of expand of their technology so registry staffs must ensure have lives depends of their technological needs in order to achieves their goal within an organization.


Augustine.m.(2012), Records Management Original Principles and Procedures in Tanzania Publishers Apex, Dar-Es salaam.
Ruganyamheto J.A.M(2007), Registry Procedure Manual Presidents Office Public Service Management(PO-PSM), Dar-es salaam.

Presidents Office P.SM(2007) Registry Procedure Manual, PSM, Dar-es salaam.  
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